The Granite Dells


The image that took me 5 years to make!  The Granite Dells is a place that has captured my imagination since I first discovered Prescott.  And of course over the years I’ve taken countless photos of Watson Lake and and the Granite Dells.  But this image is the culmination of years of work trying to capture exactly what I felt when looking out at the rock formations.  All of my other Dells images pale in comparison!  This is “the Dells Defined” for me.

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This is a limited edition series of Metallic Prints.  Once the edition is complete the image will no longer be available for sale in any size or format.  The prints are produced and drop shipped through MPix Pro, my online printer.  I trust their color and image quality completely.  After purchasing your print you will receive a confirmation of your order, and it will be followed up when the print is shipped.  The print will be ready to hang when it arrives!  This is one of my all time favorite images of the Granite Dells, and it only took 5 years to create it!


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