Images of Prescott Arizona

In 2007 while traveling from Anza Borrego to Cortez Colorado, my GPS mis-routed me through the town of Prescott, AZ.  Pulling through for the first time I was wowed by the adorable downtown, and by finding a pretty mountain community.  The fact that Prescott also had a Best Buy in town was a selling point.

What I never expected was that I would spend the next 5 years there.  Prescott is “Everybody’s Hometown.”  And I made it mine for a time.

Today I still use Prescott as a home base, and I’m well known as a Prescott Photographer, but we’re out of the town more than we’re in it these days.  A few weeks on the road, then stopping in Prescott to search for the next clients.  A few weeks in town, then back on the road.

I hope you enjoy the images in this gallery, and that you come away feeling that I am truly a Prescott Photographer, along with the other photography specialties I so enjoy throughout the other galleries!