One of our most recent shoots took place in the Granite Dells of Prescott, Arizona.  Kelly had asked us if we could do a photo series for her.  She does a lot of reenactments, and she also creates her own outfits.  After meeting with her the first time I said, Sure!  It’s always good to talk to folks before you make some images!

At first we had planned on using the old Silver Mine outside of town, but with summer weather in Arizona, you never know if a thunder storm is going to pop up.  Go figure, one did so we decided to keep it close to home and the Airstream and see if we could get some good images for her.

With our Airstream happily parked in the Granite Dells, we’ve got a whole amazing outdoor studio available to us the moment we step outside the Airstream door.  Stunning rock formations, a lovely lake nestled into the rocks, a riparian area that is still lush and green.  All so easily accessible.  All locations perfect backdrops for individual or family images.