About Rich Charpentier

Self PortraitFrom 2008 – 2012 Rich operated out of the Ian Russell Gallery in Prescott, AZ.  And while Prescott still remains home, Rich is currently on the road contracting and consulting in his “other career.”  Network and database design.

Rich still shoots to this day, but the full time photo business had to be put on hold for a while in order to work on a contract that couldn’t be said no to.  That doesn’t mean the camera has been relegated to moth balls, it just means availability is limited.

If you’re looking for a portrait, landscape, or commercial photographer, the services are still available.  But you’ll be competing with a fairly booked schedule currently.

The Giclee Expert

From 2008 through November of 2012 Rich worked with nationally known artists creating reproductions of their original artwork.  As of November of 2012 the Giclee studio is temporarily closed.

Down the road R.L. Charpentier Photography may do Giclee’ work again for select artists, so be sure and check back from time to time.  But for the present moment the presses are idle.


The Landscape Photographer

Photographically, Rich is well known for HDR (High Dynamic Range) images of the American Southwest.  Based out of Prescott, Arizona, it isn’t surprising that stunning landscapes and remote high desert scenes are among Rich’s favorite photo subjects.

In addition to the breath taking views offered in the Four Corners region, the Ghost Towns and Abandoned Places of the desert Southwest are another favorite photographic subject.

The Portrait & Composite Photographer

It isn’t any wonder that at some point pulling together the amazing scenes in Arizona and amazing people would be the next step in Rich’s photographic work, and currently he’s building a portfolio of clients located in the desert Southwest.

While Rich offers your standard fare portrait photography, he also offers uniquely stylized composite work for clients as well.  Why find yourself on a muslin background hanging in a studio when instead you can be put into a scene of your choosing?  Talk about getting artistic with your own images.