About Rich Charpentier

Prescott Landscape Photographer Rich Charpentier's "Selfie."

Testing new lighting equipment on myself.

You know, I’m not going to write this like some 3rd party interviewed me or something.  I don’t have an outside designer working on my site, I’m the designer!

Over the years I’ve seen and done many things.  From economist wanna be to a network engineering marvel.  From a Florida resident, to a New England resident, and finally to a wandering guy who seems to really like the desert southwest.  Technically I’m a resident of Arizona now, but you never know where the Airstream will be parked.  So, I’m a resident of the U.S.A.  And if I’m lucky, I’ll park somewhere in every state of this country and snap a few photos!

Oh, and so you know, I’m an avid Airstreamer.  I’ve been living in a 25 foot Airstream since the Spring of 2006.  Initially the Airstream was intended for fun getaways, not a full time lifestyle.  But some life events occurred, and the Airstream became my life boat for a while.  And then it went from life boat to home.

My History

In the 70’s I was a cute little kid.  I spent my summers on a lake with family, and I spent my winters hoping for another Blizzard of 78 (because it got me out of school for 2 weeks).  I also spent my winters hoping for summer to come quickly so I could go back to the lake.

In the 80’s I stopped being little.  We won’t speculate about cute.  Most of that decade was spent living in Florida.  I rode my bicycle all over the place, then I switched that out for a skateboard.  Straight A’s, skating, surfing, and working at a giant ice cream cone that my friends affectionately called “The giant tit.”  Oh, and that job helped me get my first car.

Labs, by Prescott Landscape Photographer Rich Charpentier

Dana and Madison

The early 90’s were spent in under-grad and grad school.  The first few years in Florida.  And then a move to New Hampshire of all places.  And in the middle of the decade I realized Economics sucked and was depressing, so I went out and became a network engineer.  I built national networks for Sprint and AT&T.  And I was darned good at it.  So good they kept promoting me and I kept saying no.

The new century was weird.  It started out great from 2000 to 2005.  A great house, family, Labradors….Perfect.  Then it went wonky in 05′ and I got sick.  That’s where the life change came, and when I found myself running around in an Airstream.  From 05 -09 it was about re-thinking who I was, and rebuilding with what I had.  A good bit of time was also spent getting the proper diagnosis from the illness.  Photography became more than a hobby, and tech was still in my blood, and both kept me going.

And finally here we are in this decade.  Still re-defining and working on life and career.  To many I’m known as that Prescott Landscape Photographer, but there’s more than just that now!  I’ve put my passions together.  Photography, Travel, and Network stuff.  Is it going to carry me forward?  We’ll just have to see……

So why are you here?

I’m guessing you’re checking out my “about me” for a reason.  Hopefully you’re not disappointed with the lack of dozens of selfies.  It’s very rare that I’m caught in the frame of a camera.  I’m usually behind it.

So, you’re here because you came across one of my other websites?  Maybe you’re wondering about the Website Design work I do through RLC Design Services.  Or maybe you stumbled across the Airstream Chronicles or Living In Tin.  Whatever the reason, you know a little more about who I am.  Hopefully you’re happy with what you’ve learned.