The Photographer

Since 2006 I’ve been shooting professionally.  My landscapes are what I’m known for, but they’re only part of my work.  Combining my love of photography with my network engineering side, I’ve been able to do more commercial work tying into what I do for my web clients.  It’s a great combination.

Since 2013 I’ve been wrapping my images together with website development for clients across the U.S.  What’s better than a newly developed website?  A newly developed site that has images from your own business.  Stock photography doesn’t represent smaller businesses well, too generic and not fine tuned to portray what it is you do!

In total, I currently run 4 different websites for my work, and for my travel adventures.  And stunning images are what tie all of the sites together.

The Designer

Back in the 1990’s when the first web browser was released I was still in Grad School.  I wasn’t learning network design, I was there to become a professor of economics.  But go figure, my thesis was on the Economics of Digital Networks.  And when I had finished writing it?

I went off into the workforce to become a network design engineer.

20+ years later I’m still up on the latest!  And the first website I ever built was for the UNH Economics department.  Today I do modern designs for my clients nationally, and I travel to them with my Airstream.

The Traveler

Since 2006 I’ve been a full time Airstreamer.  My home is a 25 foot silver trailer.  My office is the same trailer.  You might think it odd, but really, it takes little space for a photo and design lab these days!